Cole Asset Management Asia

Cole Asset Management Asia is a dynamic private wealth management boutique firm passionate about providing you with the financial growth to achieve peace of mind necessary to allow you to live confidently, fully, and purposefully.

Our belief is that any financial roadmap must start with your life’s central focus and then move outward to the solutions that fit your specific needs.

Through our innovative process, our experienced team helps you discover your financial goals, identify how best to employ your wealth to achieve those goals, and implement strategies for success.

We are able to build personalized custom-tailored solutions because we get to understand your needs. That's why we retain our own outstanding research team. It is in our research, analysis and independent thinking that we are able to make the tailored approach. We're committed to being as good at what we do, as you are in your own field.

We also recognize that you wish to minimize the volatility of your portfolio yet earn a reasonable rate of return. Accordingly, your portfolio will be shaped from a targeted balance of cash, bonds, preferred shares, globally-selected dividend and non-dividend equities and new market-alternative investments.

More than just your typical wealth management service, more than just ordinary financial advice, Cole Asset Management Asia conceives a personalized, comprehensive wealth roadmap that is unique to you.