Investment Management

Our investment approach is an extension of our core mission. In order for us to provide you with the most valuable investment advice, we must understand what investment strategies are most likely to succeed. This understanding can only be gained through an examination of the available evidence. This process of examination, called Evidence-Based Research, is the basis for our financial roadmap.

The knowledge gained through this process is carefully appraised and executed by your own Personal Financial Advisor who has taken the time to understand the difference between meaningful academic studies and subjective, agenda-driven research. This means our advice is much more than just another opinion on investing. Instead, our investment advice is substantiated with extensive back-testing, decades of research, and overwhelming academic and management support.

The "picture perfect" portfolio does not exist, yet there is definitely a portfolio that is rightfully suited to you. Helping you to arrive at the right portfolio takes a deep understanding of your circumstances, the latest academic research, and incorporating the most effective, diversified, low-cost investment vehicles available. It is our duty to make things clear, organised and easy to understand so you can be sure you are taking the right steps toward realizing your goals, while taking only the risk you need in order to achieve them.